Penryn Space Agency
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Select : 28 June 2014

Special Guest Mix by DJ Rephlex Records

#ArtistTitleReleaseLabel Released
1Penryn Space AgencySpecialPSA ExclusiveUnreleased
2Sun RaSola SymbolsSecrets Of The SunSaturn Research01-07-1965
3Damon HancockBre Japel ElvennekPSA ExclusiveUnreleased
4Global GoonWushPushQuonk LPJ-HOK Records20-05-2012
5The HeliocentricsSomewhere Out ThereOut There 2LPNow-Again Records25-09-2007
6The Piranha' SoundsLa Turbie PiranhienneThe Piranha' Sounds 7" EPDisques SEM01-07-1968
7DopplereffektZygoteTetrahymena EPLeisure System30-09-2013
8AktualaAltamiraAktuala LPBla Bla01-07-1973
9Family Of GodDuck StyleFamily Of GodPrivate Press01-07-1996
10Luke VibertAcid JackerRidmik LPHypercolour04-04-2014
11PlustwoStop FantasyMelody / Stop Fantasy 7"Mio Records01-07-1983
12Luke VibertAcrobotRidmik LPHypercolour04-04-2014
13Ability IIPressure DubPressure Dub 12"Outer Rhythm01-07-1991
14DimliteCosmic Echoes In The Mockery RoomThis Is Embracing 2LPSonar Kollektiv01-11-2006
15Jeff MillsThe World Of WorldsThe Jungle Planet LPAxis10-09-2013
16Jeff MillsBlack Box ColonyThe Jungle Planet LPAxis10-09-2013
17Jeff MillsA1. UntitledUntitled EPSomething In The Sky26-10-2010
18Jeff MillsA2. UntitledStar Chronicles - Orion EPTomorrow15-11-2011
19Jeff MillsB2. UntitledUntitled EPSomething In The Sky26-10-2010
20Jeff MillsA2. UntitledUntitled EPSomething In The Sky05-04-2013
21Jeff MillsResidueUntitled EPSomething In The Sky01-05-2010
22Jeff MillsThe SignalsUntitled EPSomething In The Sky07-12-2010
23Jeff MillsThe Rhythm WithinThe Beatmaster EPAxis01-02-2011
24Jeff MillsB2. UntitledUntitled EPSomething In The Sky25-09-2012
27Penryn Space AgencyPSA Jingle #2 feat. ChrisPSA ExclusiveUnreleased
28Phon.ONightshiftsBlack Boulder50Weapons18-05-2012
29Caustic WindowUntitled (R2-D2)Joyrex J5 EPRephlex Records01-07-1992
30LoneCrystal Caverns 1991/ Vulcan Mill Acid 12"R & S Records02-04-2012
31MonolithVigton 3StunVolume 1 EPRephlex Records01-09-2010
32150 VoltsHi, I'm Chucki (Wanna Play?) I'm Chucki (Wanna Play?) 12"Ruff Quality Recordings19-10-1992
33Nino NardiniPoltergeist/ Poltergeist 7"Jazzman01-07-2002
34A-Sides & Nut-E-1TonightThe Bell / 12"Bear Necessities01-07-1994
35Roni SizeTime Stretch (93 Mix)Exer-Size EPV Recordings01-07-1994
36The Invisible ManThe Bell Tune / The Tone Tune 12"Good Looking Records01-07-1994
37DJ GwangeMotionless / Adrenalin 12"Legend Records01-04-1994
39BoymerangYou Like It Like ThatBalance Of The Force 2LPRegal12-05-1997
40Dj PierreBox Energy (AFX 4 Remix 1)Rephlex Records01-10-2005
41FanuSamuraiGalician GirlTales From The Sea / 12"Breakin01-07-2005